In case a technical problem occurs with one of our products we distinguish between the following three situations:

"Dead On Arrival" applies when a product appears to be defective on delivery. Even though all our products are tested before shipment, damage during transport can occur. This DOA procedure does not apply to consumables like cartridges, optical media and packaging materials. In case of an DOA the defective product can be exchanged for a new product, or the defective product can be credited. A DOA needs to be registered at the Virtual Vision Support Department within 5 working days after delivery. Any DOA claims outside this period will be processed under the warranty conditions. DOA claims can only be accepted when products are returned unused, complete, including all accessories and including the original packaging. For returning DOA products, please follow our RMA procedure. Shipping costs in case of an authorized DOA will be covered by Virtual Vision.

Faults within Warranty Period
In case of a technical defect within the warranty period products will be repaired free of charge or, if necessary, replaced. For returning defective products, please follow our RMA procedure.

Faults outside Warranty Period
In case of a technical defect outside the warranty period products can be returned for repair. For RMA products returned outside the warranty period a standard inspection charge applies. Before a product will be repaired you always receive a price quote. For returning defective products, please follow our RMA procedure.

For returning defective products the RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure below must be followed.

RMA Procedure:

1. Obtaining a RMA authorization
To obtain a RMA authorization please contact us. Please state the product serial number and a clear description of the technical problem. The Support Department will process your RMA request. Once the RMA request is processed an authorization is issued. A RMA number and a RMA form will be provided by e-mail.

Please Note! If a returned product does not appear to be defective after inspection, a € 55,- inspection charge applies.

2. RMA Validity Period
Once an RMA number is issued by our Support Department, the RMA authorization is valid for 10 working days. The defective product must be returned within these ten days or the RMA authorization will expire.

3. Packaging
We recommend to return defective product using the original packaging to avoid any damage during transport. If the original packaging is no longer available, the product needs to be packed properly to avoid any damage. Please also consider the following:

- The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging.
- The filled RMA form must be included in the packaging.
- Never ship a product inside a carton box without any additional protection to avoid damage during transport. Always use adequate padding.

4. Shipment
Products need to be shipped to the address specified on the RMA form. Returned products can only be processed if complete, undamaged and including all accessories. Return shipments are for customers account and risk. We recommend return shipments are insured.

Please Note! Return shipments which are incomplete, damaged, improperly packed or without RMA number and/or RMA form will not be accepted and returned to buyer freight collect.

5. Shipping Costs
For RMA return shipments under warranty, the customer pays for all incoming shipment costs, and we pay the outbound shipping costs back to customer. For RMA return shipments outside warranty, the customer pays for all shipment costs. For DOA return shipments, We pay for all shipment cost. RMA shipments without freight prepaid will be refused and returned to buyer freight collect.

For more information on returning products please contact us.
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